Q. How do I watch IPTV on a Desktop/laptop or an Apple computer?
A. STB is an android app, so you're going to need an android emulator like https://www.bluestacks.com/ running first.

Q. What should my Internet speed be for IPTV?
A. Although there are many issues that can influence your speeds, ​7-10Mbps however faster is better, we recommend 15Mbps or better.

Q. Is there a free trial?
A. NO, not at this time.

Q. Do you provide refunds?
A. No. As this is a server-based product. We are unable to provide refunds, for unused portions of purchase or for technical issues that can be corrected. Always test your system and our service with a trial prior to making a long-term commitment.

Q. What’s the process if I want to renew once my trial has ended?
A. Just re-subscribe  at http://tweediptv.ca/index.php/order
When we renew an account, we look at the email address used when subscribing to determine if you’re adding a new account or updating an existing account. New accounts get a new MAC address, renewals use their existing MAC address with an updated expiry date.

Q. Can I use my MAG box with your service?
A.  Yes. TweedIPTV works with MAG 250/254/256 All Avov Versions & Android Boxes via STB Emulator/Stalker APP.

Q. Can I install STB Emulator on my Fire Stick?
A. Yes, you can install and run android apps on Fire TV Stick by a process called: sideload, through which you can push applications on your Fire TV Stick from your PC.

Q. Can I use my Roku device with your service?
A. No. Roku devices are not compatible with IPTV.

Q. The video and the audio are out of sync, how can I fix this?
A. Change the Media Player.

Q. How do I find my services Expiry Date?
A. Click this article Expire Date.

 Q. How do I reload my profile?
A. Click this article Reload-Profile.




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